The design and installation of data cabling is a common request from our clients to complete the administration side to their business. Generally Local Area Network (LAN) cabling is installed beneath suspended floors or within the framework of the building, supplying computers and telephones via panel mounted patch panels.

Whether an extra power or lighting point is required our client’s requirements for domestic installations in this day and age are rapidly changing. Our company is constantly requested to design IT networks and telephone installations on a “flood wiring” basis throughout premises. This together with home cinema and even computerised lighting has become a common request, along with all aspects of general domestic wiring and fault finding.

NCE Networks install fully automated home management “Loxone” systems into private properties controlling lighting, power, data, security and entertainment systems etc.

Complete or part refurbishment is also a service that we are able to provide to customers, even (on occasions) relocating the source of the electrical supply to the client’s premises.

NCE Electrical can also provide fibre optic cable installations for our customers.

We offer a full test and inspection service to establish the safety of installations and on-going Condition/Periodic Inspection Reporting to identify any possible deterioration, regardless of how big or small.

Our company regularly provides Portable Appliance Testing services. Individual tests taken on appliances are uploaded to our testing equipment and provided with an identity number; this is downloaded to an office computer and test record sheets are produced; a copy of which is provided to our client for verification of the safety of the individual devices and for continual annual monitoring of the equipment.

We are able to offer a fully tailored maintenance program to suit all requirements. This could very well be outside the client’s own hours of working or indeed over an annual shutdown period. Whatever the need we will be able to develop a Planned Preventative Maintenance program to maximise our client’s productivity and electrical safety, minimising any possible downtime.

Providing comprehensive build and design services is something our team really enjoys, having the opportunity to bring everything together the way it should be and resolving the individual challenges with innovative solutions. Whether supporting designers and architects or taking care of it all ourselves, we are able to offer the complete answers for our customers.

24/7; whatever your electrical contracting requirement, we can be just about anywhere within 2 hours. Whatever your electrical contracting requirements, from changing a lamp to a complete installation, you can rely on NCE Electrical to accommodate your needs, packaging long and short term solutions to every commercial and industrial requirement. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation with one of our expert team.